Signs That The Rich Guy Is Disinterested In You

Being in a relationship with a rich man can be really exciting. However, no girl would want to be with a wealthy guy who is disinterested in her. While, some guys prefer to express their desires and feelings openly, others hesitate from being forthright as they do not wish to hurt your feelings. Here, discover some of the signs that can help you in understanding whether your guy is really interested in you or not.

1. He is Avoiding you: If your guy is avoiding you and not accepting your calls or responding to your messages then it is quite evident that he isn’t interested in you anymore. A guy who is seriously concerned about you and your relationship will never attempt at making excuses. Instead, he’ll make a genuine attempt to reach the date venue on time or take you out for a party or movie.

2. His Body Language is Different: The body language of your guy is another good way of determining whether he is really into you or not. If you notice him looking elsewhere while talking to you or if he chooses to fold arms rather than leaning on you then it could well be because he isn’t interested in you any longer. If you notice that he is looking at his phone while talking to you and maintains a distance from you then probably things are already over for him.

3. Does not Introduce You: If your guy isn’t introducing you before his parents, friends or family members or makes excuses every time you think about your relationship seriously then it could well be because he isn’t interested in you. Typically, a guy who is really fond of you or wants to spend his entire life with you will not only introduce you to his family but also be interested in meeting your family as well. You can also keep a track of his social accounts and figure out whether he mentions or includes you in his posts or not.

4. He Does Not Care: A guy who is fond of you and interested in a long-term relationship will always be interested in your plans and would always want to share his ideas. However, if you notice that your guy does not care about you or your plans in general then it is definitely a sign that he is not interested in you anymore.

To sum up, if you feel that your guy talks to other females comfortably and is never around you then instead of dragging the relationship, you must consider ending it right away!