Why Wealthy Divorced Women Seldom Remarry But Rich Men Do?

The aspiring ratio of remarriage of divorced men to divorced women is shocking. Eighty percent of the divorced wealthy men remarry where as only for divorced single rich women, it is only thirty percent. The gap of disparity is huge and surprising but the figures are less surprising. According to famous psychotherapists and experienced psychiatrists men are more child like from heart and they continuously need love, support and care. For divorced men it is much harder than divorced women to stay alone. Women are more self dependent and can adjust with any situation even if they are alone.

After a divorce the women prefer to remain single without any bindings. Moreover they consider their last unsuccessful marriage a lesson and wish to move ahead in life alone. Going by the common myth, the major cases for divorced are filed by the women. And ninety percent of all the launched cases are due to ego clashes. An egoist woman can never bear the fact that she is loved by a man because of her money. Women can tolerate anything but this.

A believe kind of grows inside the women that she is not being loved for what she is. Rich – poor, pretty – ugly, flaws or perfect, nothing should stop a man from loving the woman he married. Women who spent their money on men, after some time they feel resentful and this thought keeps haunting them that their weight is not well carried by their partners.

A broken marriage is such an obstacle in a women’s life that she never can overcome that. If anyone gets the genuine freedom of marriage then love should be the reason and not security. Candour with partner is very necessary in marriage. But any marriage lacking this in their connubial life than that can lead to drastic step of divorce. After a harsh divorce, the men tend to forget and forgive their past and become ready for a fresh life and new future.

Whereas in women we can see choosing solitude over partnership is more common. Not only this they advice the same for their co mates as well. For them, the same next risk is not worth the reward. Whereas men firmly believe that risk is worth the return. However men are more curious and rational fools so they do not mind spending on their partners and getting hurt again.